Plus Size Clothing Tips For Teens

Shopping for fashionable plus size clothing for teens is the most daunting of tasks for the young Diva. While most department stores have plus size sections, they typically cater to the older Diva’s. However there has never been a better time for Teen Diva’s to shop. There are more options today than ever before. A few simple suggestions can make the headache of trying to find clothes that don’t make you look like grandma a thing of the past.

Ditch Your Department Store…

…and start shopping at more specialized clothing stores. Most department stores have a variety of clothing for all ages and genders, which makes finding specialized clothing difficult and choices limited. Start looking at places geared toward plus size women, and I promise you’re going to find more than elastic waistband pants. You’re going to find a larger selection, more fashionable and age appropriate clothes, much higher quality, and if you know how to look for deals you’re going to find prices better than even your local super center.

Find Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

This is the staple of any teenager’s wardrobe. But the perfect jeans can be difficult to find. Find a store that offers fitting services and find your perfect fit. Also find out what cut and style of jeans works best for your shape. DON’T skimp on the price here. While I love looking for great deals, a good pair of jeans is not where you want to trade quality for a lower price tag.

Baggy is not Better

I know that the urge for some teenage girls is to hide her curvatious figure under a big baggy t-shirt featuring her favorite band. But this is only going to make you appear heavier and shapeless. You’re not hiding anything. Don’t over compensate here by wearing clothes so tight you can’t breathe. A good flattering fit is going to bring out your best features and make you appear thinner and more confident.

Keep it Plain Jane

Trends come and go quickly, and not all trends look good on all people. When shopping for clothing try to avoid the latest trend and stick to solid colors to create a fashionable and versatile wardrobe regardless of what’s hot at the time. While the occasional funky t-shirt may be in order for the Teen Diva, sticking to solid pallets will give you more options. Add your own personal style by adding accessories to your outfit, by doing so you can still be you and avoid that trend trap. Plus you’re going to increase your outfit options.